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Art and Planetary Urbanization Workshop

Participants -

Under the emerging urban condition there has been an unprecedented extension of urban processes into the countryside. This new urban reality of cities entangled with distant agrarian and pastoral communities, with planetary flows of commodities, ideas, and capital represents opportunities to situate new forms of art practice. This workshop intends to instigate a discussion on how can art practices be embedded in urban spaces that are 'beyond the familiar cities'? 

The site of our intervention, Kapashera (Cotton village) is located in the green belt between Gurgaon and Delhi. Entangled in the planetary play of its namesake kapas (cotton), it transformed from a small agrarian village about three decades ago, into a tenement town of over 250,000 labour migrants.

Generously supported by the socially-engaged art projects grant by KHOJ International Artists' Association; Otherworlds by Sumedha Garg and Nitin Bathla is a long term engagement with migrant communities in Kapashera. The project attempts to explore the entanglement between migration, ecology and planetary fast fashion.



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